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Application Stages

We have two separate application stages:

AMCAS application

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (UPSOM) participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) of the Association of American Medical Colleges. AMCAS provides a centralized system for applying to any participating medical school. The AMCAS Application for Admission, common to all participating medical schools, is available at

A waiver form for the AMCAS application fee is included with the material provided by AMCAS. An applicant who is granted an AMCAS waiver will receive an automatic fee waiver from UPSOM for the supplemental application.

Applicants are urged to file their AMCAS applications as early as possible, and certainly before our deadline of October 15.

Supplemental application

All who apply through AMCAS may complete the Supplemental Application.

Detailed information and specific requirements for letters of recommendation are outlined. Applicants unable to comply with these requirements should contact the school’s Executive Director for the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid in writing. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that we receive all materials, including letters of recommendation, no later than the deadline of November 15. Extensions are rarely granted.

In addition to the AMCAS application and fee, applicants must submit a nonrefundable supplemental application fee.

Early Decision Program

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine offers an Early Decision Program (EDP).  This program is intended for those applicants who are sure that the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is their first choice when pursuing their medical education.  

In order to be considered for an early decision, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Apply as an Early Decision Applicant through AMCAS and select only the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
  • Complete the AMCAS application and submit all required transcripts to AMCAS by August 1. 
  • Applicant must take their Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) prior to July 1.
  • Complete and submit the UPSOM’s supplemental application by August 31.
  • All letters of recommendation must be received by August 31.  A letter of recommendation from a Pre-Health Advisory Committee or three individual letters of recommendation are required to complete an application for admission to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.  While any three letters of recommendation will be accepted, it is preferred that the applicant submit three academic letters. 

Early Decision applications will be reviewed as they become complete.  Applicants selected for interview will be given the opportunity to schedule their interviews between mid-August and mid-September.  Applicants must interview prior to September 15th.  No applicants will be considered for admission without an interview.  All decisions for our EDP will be made by October 1.  If the applicant is not accepted for early admission, the applicant may then be considered in the regular pool of applicants by changing their AMCAS application type to regular applicant. 

Restricted Matriculation Deferral (Deferred Admissions)

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine offers a restricted matriculation deferral for one year. (An additional one year restricted deferral can be granted in instances of a two year service commitment.)  Conferral of delayed matriculation to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine means that the applicant will not be permitted to apply to another medical school during their deferral year. Violation of this agreement is considered to be a violation of the admissions process, will be reported to AMCAS, and will result in an investigation by AMCAS.

An applicant can change their mind about deferred matriculation until April 30.  After that date, in accordance with the Traffic Rules of the American Association of Medical Colleges, the applicant must withdraw from all other schools at which they are holding a place.   If the applicant is wait listed at any other school, the applicant is not required to withdraw from that school until the official matriculation date of the incoming class.

Applicants seeking to defer their admissions must contact the Associate Dean of Admissions for approval by June 1 of their matriculation year. Typically requests for deferrals are approved for an opportunity that will enrich the student’s future career as a physician or for extenuating family circumstances. 

Admission with Advanced Standing (Transfer Applications)

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the large number of returning third year students, transfer students will not be considered for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine offers limited opportunities for admissions with advanced standing as space in the third year class permits. This may range from 0-3 spots each year.  Advanced-standing applications will be considered only for entry into the third-year class. Applications are reviewed individually, with a preference given to candidates who have a compelling need to transfer to the University of Pittsburgh.

Acceptance depends on the applicant’s special circumstances and qualifications as well as the availability of openings. Pre-medical school academic qualifications must be within the range of those of matriculated students. We cannot accept transfer applications from students of dental, osteopathic, chiropractic, or veterinary medicine or from non-U.S. medical schools. We consider only students who are enrolled in a medical school accredited by the Liaison Committee for Medical Education.

Advanced Standing Application Process:

  • Request application: Application for advanced standing must be requested along with a written statement explaining the compelling need to transfer to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
  • Dean’s Letter of Recommendation: An applicant must request a letter from the Dean of Student Affairs at his or her current medical school. This letter must indicate that the applicant is in good standing at the institution and that the applicant has successfully completed the curriculum of the year just prior to the transfer year. This letter should be sent directly to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.
  • United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), Step 1, Scores: All transfer applicants must take Step 1 of the USMLE prior to matriculation as a third-year student.
  • Personal Interview: The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine requires a personal interview with all applicants before an official acceptance can be extended. Once we determine the number of openings for transfer students, we will invite to interview a small number of applicants after reviewing all applications for transfer.
  • A candidate for advance standing must be a U.S. citizen or hold a Permanent Resident Visa (not conditional) or refugee/asylee status.

If you meet the criteria outlined above and wish to apply for advance standing admission, please inquire for a Transfer Application from

UPSOM Medical Student Transfer Policy


If you previously applied to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine but were declined admission, and you want to reapply, you must submit a new AMCAS application, updated references, and resubmit your transcripts to AMCAS. You are also expected to demonstrate how your qualifications have been strengthened during this period. If you have been declined admission on three prior occasions, you are ineligible to apply.

International applications

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine welcome applications from all qualified individuals, regardless of citizenship status for our MD program. International applicants must meet all requirements of applicants who are United States citizens, permanent residents or asylees. These requirements mandate at least one year of higher education within the United States or Canada and completion of all pre-requisite courses as listed on the web site. Proficiency in written and spoken English is required.

Please review the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine International Medical Student Application Process Policy for detailed requirements and instructions for the application process. 


Non-Discrimination Policy

All applicants are considered without regard to race; color; religion; ethnicity; national origin; age; gender; sexual orientation; or marital, veteran, or handicap status.

Our Mission

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is to improve the health and well-being of individuals and populations through cutting-edge biomedical research, innovative educational programs in medicine and biomedical science, and leadership in academic medicine.